Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Giveaways!

This weekend was full of fantastic giveaways perfect for someone (like me) new to the blogging world. I've followed countless blogs, but I did so haphazardly and with no real pattern. Through two fantastic giveaways this weekend, I was able to really buckle down and force myself to organize my BlogLovin' account and finally follow other teachers on TPT.

The first is I'm Lovin' Lit's summer giveaway scavenger hunt! Through this scavenger hunt, I was able to explore blogs and TPT pages that I'd seen before, but also explore others that I'd not seen or heard of. It was perfect! All you have to do is hop over and complete the scavenger hunt for any (or all!) of the four giveaway packs, and you'll receive the packs within 24 hours! What a deal! I just opened my email with the two packs that I chose, and I couldn't be more excited! Just with one pack, I'm already itching to start my new Word Wall design, and my mind is racing with a few classroom management possibilities! So, don't wait—go now!

 **If you go right now, don't forget to come back and read the rest of this blog post!**

The second fun weekend giveaway comes from Learning 4 Keeps in honor of her ONE YEAR blog anniversary and 500 followers on Facebook and TPT. Yay for her! First of all, she starts her blog post by warning us that she will use lots of exclamation points in her post. WHEN is that EVER a reason to apologize!? Never!

She's giving away so many fantastic resources, so head on over and enter to win! With a lot of the entries, there's a chance to explore new blogs and follow new people. Go, go, go!

Have fun! 

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