Friday, July 11, 2014


Hi, friends!

I am so excited because I finally found the courage to upload a non-free product to TpT. Yikes!

This year is our first year in the adoption of National Geographic's Reach for Reading series, so I've spent a great deal of time this summer creating resources to match the material in this new program. One of the staples in my classroom is our high frequency word flash cards. In my classroom, we call these BANG! words. As I tell my first graders, we call them BANG! words because when we come to  these words in our reading, we should know them BANG! BANG! BANG! quick.

Each of my students has his or her own BANG! bag (yes, that's what we call it!) in his or her desk. I copy the pages on card stock to give them more of a flash card-y feel, and so that they stand up to first grade love. Each week, students receive the new words for that week. They cut their own cards (Lord knows they don't have the chance to cut anymore, so some of my friends really struggle with cutting—this is a sad state of affairs). I also have them label the back of each card because we all know that cards WILL end up on the floor, and we'll never know who lost their has or mother or too or have.

Their BANG! cards are ALWAYS an option during word work or during an "I'm done, now what do I do?" situation. Selfishly, they also make a fantastic option for a quick time-filler before lunch or with a substitute. It's so quick to ask them to find their BANG! bags and then perform various tasks with these words:

  • find three nouns
  • choose four words and put them in ABC order
  • find two words that rhyme
  • choose two words and write a sentence that uses both
The possibilities are endless! But, it's such a great way to keep exposure for these words constant and varied throughout the day.

Click on the picture to check out my Reach for Reading BANG! cards on TpT!

How do YOU use high frequency words in your classroom?

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