Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Meet Up!

Okay, for someone like me who isn't yet "embedded" into the teacher-blogger scene quite yet, I love linky parties. And, from the looks of it, The Teaching Tribune certainly has it DOWN for the summer!

This week, the Monday Meet-Up is three facts about the blogger. These are always hard for me to think of — I feel like I'm not very interesting, ha! Anyway, I tried! Enjoy! And, once you're done reading, click the picture above to run over and link up for yourself!

I love this idea for Monday Meet-Up! I think that you get to know a person better through random facts! They're always more fun!


  1. Glad to find your blog through the summer blogging linky! It was fun to 'meet' you--I, too, am a huge cooking show fan!


    1. Hi, Sarah!
      I am so glad that you stopped by! I am super excited about your new Adventures in Guided Math blog!

  2. I too am jealous of those who can just "whip" something fantastic up like it is nothing big. My brother in law is one of those people so I enjoy when he cooks for family functions. I can't even boil eggs, no joke my hubby has to do it for me :)

    I {Heart} Recess

  3. I absolutely LOVE Jimmy Fallon!!! He cracks me up! Looks like you just jumped back into blogging; I just started back up myself :) Can't wait to tune in for future posts!