Friday, June 20, 2014

Let's Try This Again, Shall We?

An entire school year has passed since I last blogged. Yikes! That's embarrassing. I promise to try harder this time.

To be honest, this school year really got away from me! It was one that was challenging, just with a definitely unique group of little friends. Without realizing it was happening, I was able to really identify myself as a teacher. I found myself making independent choices and feeling confident in decisions that I made for my students. As someone who is very indecisive, I'm proud of the person I become in my classroom.


  1. Kristen, Welcome back! I get it! Some years are harder to deal with and there IS no extra time. Did you realize that none of your pictures are showing up on this post? You might want to try to load them again. I'm sure they're very cute!
    Second In Line

    1. Yikes! Thank you, Patty! Of course, when I looked after I published it, everything looked fine. Now, Blogger is being super stubborn, so I just did away with the images! Argh.