Friday, June 26, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream

This week for the summer TpT Seller Challenge, the topic is Dare to Dream. My hopes and motivations for joining the teacher blogging community are to do just that: be a part of the community. These dreams don't necessarily reflect my dreams as they pertain only to TpT. As I see it, the TpT, Instagram, Facebook, blogging and Twitter world of teachers is all intertwined. So, my dreams relate more to that community, rather than just as a seller with TpT. Yikes - I hope I'm not breaking any rules!

I just finished my third year in my first grade classroom. In that three years, I've learned a lot - more than I ever imagined. I've grown into a confident teacher with my own ideas. One of the reasons I haven't yet immersed myself completely into this community is that I hadn't yet truly identified myself as a teacher. I didn't feel confident with my ideas and my philosophies. I'm to the point where I am comfortable with myself as a teacher, and I'm ready to learn and share completely with this amazing community of teachers.


In my experience, teaching is one of only a few careers in which the professionals are in a constant state of learning, growing and changing. Truly, teachers never stop! Even just a quick scroll through my Instagram feed confirms that teachers are always reading, researching and creating to better their teaching environments. Part of my dream is to continue to learn and grow into the best teacher that I can be. 


Beyond creating resources to share on TpT, I want to comfortably and confidently share small bits about my teaching style that make my classroom unique or more effective. This is a big goal for me - to be able to pickup on characteristics of my classroom that can truly be beneficial for others.


Even further than confidently sharing, I think that it would be just so fantastic if I were able to inspire just one person to better his or her classroom environment. I am so passionate about teaching and doing the best for every single child. By learning and sharing, I hope to continue to grow into a successful professional who's able to help, guide and inspire another teacher. 

So, there you have it - a quick peek into my motivation and desires with my TpT and blogging journey. To look at others' dreams, check out this week's links

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