Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Favorite Quote

Happy, happy holiday weekend! I hope that you all had a fantastic Fourth of July - mine was full of family, laughter and sun! I may or may not have a killer farmer's tan. I'll take it!

Today,  I'm linking up with Monica from I Heart Grade 3 for her weekly summer link-up! Each week presents a new topic. I'm coming in at the last minute for this week's topic.

I'm a quote monger. I love them. I put a different quote each week for my classroom newsletter, I often post fun images of them on my Instagram and have them constantly changing on my phone wallpaper.

My Very, Very Favorite Quote

This quote speaks for itself. I am a big believer in smiling and acting positively. Yes, of course, I have my moments, my days, my weeks, etc. BUT, even a quick "Hello!" in the hallway can brighten someone's day. Why not always try to be a rainbow for someone else? 

This is just darling. It makes me smile so much. In fact, it's actually the quote that I put on the back of my teacher planner this past school year - see?

He Melts My Heart!

I cannot speak highly enough of my friend Kid President. His videos, his quotes, his book, his tweets - seriously, I'm obsessed. I adore him. His quotes are frequent fliers on my classroom newsletter. If you don't know about Kid President, please please please STOP EVERYTHING right now and watch this video. Please. Why are you still reading? Stop. Watch the video. Now! 

I couldn't find a graphic for my very favorite quote from him, but I have to share it anyway:  

"No matter who you are, someone is learning from you."

For obvious reasons, I love this for the classroom!

A few other fun quotes from my main man: 

Isn't he precious? 

To see other teachers' favorites, click here!

What's your favorite quote?

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