Monday, July 20, 2015

Must-Have Monday

Everyone loves a good link-up! And, I'm no exception! I'm excited for this week's link-up from the ladies at Freebielicious. Each day brings a new theme with their link-up. How fun!

I hate to admit it, but I am fairly high-maintenance picky neurotic particular about certain things in life. And, the items in my must-have list are definitely among them.

So, what are my teacher must-haves? 

Let's face it: everything in this picture is definitely a luxury and not a necessity. BUT, without them, say goodbye to Miss Fancy Pants and say hellooooo to Miss Grumpy Pants!

Coke in a Styrofoam Cup

Remember that particular thing we discussed? Well, here you go, folks: Exhibit A in the case of my neurotic tendencies. I am very discriminatory when it comes to beverages. If I ask for a Coke, and your answer is, "Is Pepsi okay?" -- the answer is always a resounding, "No, Pepsi is not okay." Yikes. Anyway -- my top must-have is a Coke Zero with a splash of Cherry Coke in a styrofoam cup. I wish I was kidding about my drink order. But, I am not. 

Lucky for me, the gas station closest to school offers a punch card. Every seventh drink is free. Yippee! That's a DEAL! (can you hear my eyes rolling?)

Wireless Mouse

I love my Logitech wireless mouse. The first thing to love is that it doesn't cause any unsavory cords hanging out on your desk. The best thing, though, is that I can carry this bad boy around the classroom with me as we discuss anything on the projection screen. I love using Everyday Math's eTools feature, which allows me to use virtual manipulatives for the whole class to work with together. I can do this from anywhere in the room, thanks to my trusty wireless friend. The engagement factor goes through the roof when I hand off my wireless mouse to a student to control. 

There's an On-Off switch, so the battery doesn't die as quickly. But, truthfully, I forget to switch mine to Off most nights, and the battery still lasts an incredibly long time - several months. You can find these just about anywhere: Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc. The one pictured happens to be from Target. They usually run between $10-$20. 

Teacher-Only Writing Utensils

Most of my classroom's components are there solely because they make our learning environment better for the students. But, there is one cup of materials that is off-limits to my six-year-old friends: my teacher-only writing utensils. I will very, very, very, very rarely ever accept writing with anything but these three things: 

1. Sharpie Pens

2. Flair Pens

3. Papermate Sharpwriter Pencils

What are YOUR teacher must-haves? Link up or check out other teachers' must-haves here


  1. I have teacher only writing tools too! Kids know that the fat whiteboard markers are mine and the skinny ones are theirs. And all my pens/pencils are marked with washi.

    Fun in Fourth

    1. I love that, Angela! I have teacher-only dry-erase markers, too! I only like writing with the bullet tip, so those are off-limits. I even put pink washi tape on the markers that are just mine. Haha - I'm so glad I'm not the only crazy one!