Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Make Your Masterpiece!

I'm crossing the TpT Seller Challenge's third week finish line at the very.last.second! In fact, I may be a little late. Oh, well. #betterlatethannever - right?

The third week's challenge was to Make Your Masterpiece! This is a lot of pressure, right? I have so many products and ideas on my to-do list that I struggled all week to really commit to one. Well, ladies and gentlemen, last night just before midnight, I had a spark of inspiration. So, naturally, I was up until the wee hours putting this product into place.

I am really excited about this product because it's the biggest I've ever uploaded - 46 pages! - there's a lot to this little baby! And, it's the first product for which I created a separate preview file. Seriously, it's getting real over here.

I wish I had real photos to share with you of these products in use - butttttt, my room is completely packed up for summer and bulletin boards have not yet been recreated. My plan is to add real photos to the actual product once I'm able to take some!

So, what's in it?

Birthday Bulletin Board Materials

The first week of school, I take a photo of each month's birthday group. So, every student with a January birthday smiles together. Each student holds up the number that corresponds to his or her birth date. I then input each month's photo to the correct birthday month template and display them on our birthday bulletin board. 

Student Birthday Treats

My school does not allow birthday treats from parents for a child's special day. That's actually a huge relief form as a teacher. But, I do like to give them a little somethin' somethin.' Displayed next to the birthday bulletin board, I have a collection of crazy straw balloons that each child receives on his or her birthday. I also let them take a birthday coupon of their choice! 

Class Birthday Book Options

As a part of my classroom birthday display, I have a cute birthday gift bag sitting next to the birthday balloons. In the bag, there's our class birthday binder. I include a list of student birthdays and enough copies of our birthday book pages for each student to complete the night of his or her birthday. They bring back the binder the next day and share their work with the class. 

Click the photo of the cover below to head on over to my TpT store. This pack is on 20% off through tomorrow night! Yay! 


  1. I'm glad to find your cute blog through the tpt seller challenge! :) Your new product looks great!

    1. Thank you, Elisabeth! I'm so glad that you stopped by! Your blog design is super cute. You created TWO masterpieces - aren't you fancy! I love it!

  2. What a great idea and product!! Everyone loves having their birthday recognized! I've taught middle and high school before and you wouldn't believe how excited the young adults get when they receive a crazy straw! I also love the idea of classroom coupons as a gift!!

    1. Hi, Julie! I totally agree - it's the simple things! Everyone loves a good crazy straw! Thanks so much for stopping by!